A well designed home focuses on the needs and lifestyles of the people living within it. This makes our architectural brief for you unique because we approach your design with your individual likes and wants in mind, evolving and refining the design in conversation with you.  We  enjoy this interactive process with our clients, from the first sketches and 3D models right through to seeing their project realised.

Now it's time for us to hear from you...
Your answers to the following questions will help us to interpret your ideal home along with any specific requirements you might have.  As well as the layout, we are interested in the look and feel of the place you are picturing in your mind.
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What important elements are essential to create a sense of home for you?

These would be a description of what comes to mind when you think of your ideal home.
Is it your love of natural light streaming in?... or that beachy theme that you find so relaxing... secret alcoves and gardens for relaxation, reading or listening to music... or a home designed around socialising with friends and family?
How many people will be living in the home and what are their approximate ages?

This gets us thinking about the spaces you may need for rest and recreation...
What considerations come to mind when you think of your ideal home and lifestyle?

Any specific considerations and needs which may influence the overall design of your space... for example you may wish to minimise your eco-footprint by incorporating active energy efficiency and environmental design solutions... or have a preference for hard flooring which is easy to clean... wish for a large outdoor, undercover deck for entertaining etc.
What has prompted you to get the project up and moving?

Over time circumstances and lifestyle factors change and you may have decided to renovate your beloved home or at the point where you are ready to build a new one...
Is it possible that your home may need to accommodate extended family in the future?

Are there any special needs that should be considered in the design?

If there are any health issues that affect mobility, now or in the future. In the design we can consider many different options to make access within the home and outdoor areas easier... If anyone has problems with allergies these can be minimised or alleviated with certain material choices... You may need bedrooms more conducive for light sleepers
What special use areas and indoor spaces would be useful?

Apart from the basics what other options interest you?

What are your garaging needs?

Which of the following,do you think you will need to accommodate.

Would you like to incorporate any of the following into your outdoor area?

This is a wish list... so wish away!

Is anyone keen on gardening?

This helps with planning for reticulation and lawn areas versus landscape gardens
What type of cooling do you prefer?

Opinions vary and we often use a combination of two or three

What type of heating do you prefer?

As with cooling we often use more than one to get the right balance for you

Are you interested in incorporating any of the following now or in the future?

It is good to identify these early into your initial designs rather than trying to incorporate them into the project later

What are your current plans for?

The project address - this is optional, but if provided will assist in our initial discussions with you regarding your project

Please provide your name, contact phone no. and best time to call below *

Hi, I'm Ben Mountford, director of Mountford Architects. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and plans. I look forward to speaking with you soon

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